Verus Hard Drop (former THOR) for Samsung Note 4

Thor by Verus is back with a refreshed slimmer design while maintaining ultimate protection to protect your Galaxy Note4. Precisely measured cutouts logo, camera and buttons give the Galaxy Note4 a finished look while fitting in your hands comfortably with excellent grip. Thor by Verus is tough protective case, dual layered with PC and TPU covers. The outer PC shell is separable and users can mix and match different colors to express their unique style. The inner TPU layer is features a special Spider Web design for enhanced shock absorption upon impact. Thor for Galaxy Note4 sports the Verus signature dot pattern with hot stamped Verus logo. The thickness of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) was precisely calculated to protect the Galaxy Note4 from any angle of impact. The TPU layer protrudes 0.5 mm to protect the screen from scratches while face down.

Unlike previous version of HARD DROP, it came back with slimmer Design and perfect protection technology.
Effort to the detail architecture protects your smart-phone.

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