USAMS Vogue Series for iPhone 6

Product Parameters:

- Surrounded by high-strength TPU material edging, soft pliable material can effectively alleviate the collision pressure, fear throw touch, escort for your phone.
- Check back printing lines, elegant lines interludes, like a general timeline classic appearance, while providing better feel, filling the elegant taste. 
- Back PC material with the surrounding soft TPU imported by Germany, natural materials and environmental protection, non-toxic and pollution-free.
- Designers carefully deployed in five colors, bright fashion, each color is given a unique meaning, there is always a color worth your own.
- Product front edge than the body high, the unique details of the process designed to ensure the phone screen will not be scraping down when hit.


Product Details:
- USAMS injection  molding process using the finest, refined and processed products seamless, just like heaven, texture prefect, flawless, allowing you to experience the prefect touch.
- Apple LOGO at the reserve, the unique details of the deal, to show the true nature of your iPhone, anytime, anywhere, interpretation of the ultimate low-key, unassuming silent. 
- Use real machine mold, precision aside each hole, make sure the reserve a real machine hole and a prefect fit, while protecting the phone does not affect the use of mobile phones.
- Products using one-button design, not only easier on the fuselage side buttons to operate, but still give you the keys more protection. 


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