USAMS Universal Conversion Plug Socket

Product Description

USAMS Universal Conversion Plug Socket Product itself has not voltage transformation function,The adapter specially for travelling use,apply to 100-250V,10A, max-2200W, Please do not place it in the liquid,moisture,high/low temperature position.

3 in 1 conversion plugs socket, It can be removable,making it easier to favorites. let you enjoy the travel..
Not suitable for blower and inappropriate use of adapter will cause electric shock or burns and other. Use a voltage that is larger voltage than label states is harm for adapter, and even cause safety accidents.

Main components:ABS Shell + Circuit board(Metal PCBA)
Specification: 4.8 x 8.8 cm
Plugs socket: Australia Standard, American Standard, British Standard, European Standard

*When you are not using it, please leave it away from the power supply,don't plug in.
Do not use the voltage more than 250V,or bad for socket,even case safety accidents.

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