USAMS Crown Series for iPhone 6

Product Description

Applicable models: iPhone 6
Material: Tpu
Features: Elegant fragrance, the ultimate Glow
Category: Case
Product Weight: 16g
Product Weight: 57g
Package Size: 174mm × 96mm × 20mm
Color: Brown yellow, Orange, Rosy red, Checkered
Body thickness: Moderate
Comfort: Soft
Protection Index: Machine

1) Excellent Material
Import TPU build, protective and strong, perfect protection fuselage, while providing comfortable, no color, no deformation.
2) Colorful pattern
Phone sets back exclusive personalized custom pattern, colorful four optional dazzling fashion.
3) luminous effect
With a luminous effect, do not worry about the dark matter can not find the phone.
4) The charming fragrance
Shi-winning creative products, raw materials combined with the perfume, enchanting fragrance around with, so you always different.
5) Slim fit
In pursuit of the ultimate thin and light products, while high-quality technology perfect to protect your love machine.
6) Precision holes
Each features precision holes reserved, only in the details to give you the perfect experience.

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