USAMS Bluetooth Multi-function Phone Photo-taking

Applicable models: 5.5 inches below your smartphone (Android, iOS)
Stretching the length: 20-80CM
Packing List: Self-pole, Bluetooth shutter button batteries
Available Color: Black
Features: Bluetooth, long-range shooting

A spin and then a pull derotating
3 seconds speed stretch locked
Seize the bottom, counter-clockwise rotation of the head to completely release to the hidden portion of the rod out, and then tighten clockwise.

Bluetooth Self-timer button
Remote control distance of up to 10 meters
Self stylish and convenient Bluetooth button, paired with the phone with just one touch, you can take the picture, so you want to how to shoot on how to shoot, no longer have to be locked timed shooting.

The maximum grip width
We specifically for Bluetooth phone Selfie stick with retractable retaining clips, the maximum width of 85MM, 5.5 inches below the smartphone easily fixed, no longer have to worry about accidentally sliding device.

Free expansion, easy and convenient
Free telescopic fashion design, the self-timer lever up to 80CM, folded after only about 20CM length to meet your needs.

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