TOTU Super Station Series Multi-function Socket

TOTU Super Station Series made by the imported PC and ABS material,quality assured. Products made through special craft processing, the visual and craft is perfectly combined after the installation.
Biggest support superpower 600W, can at any time for quick charging, charging speed, more efficient, at the time to save time, convenient life.

Smart plastic insert, four USB extension, through OTG connector access a smartphone or tablet.Can connect computer, four USB interface can be inserted U disk, mouse, keyboard light USB devices, fast data transfer.
International new UCS charging standard, built-in dual core intelligent IC recognition system, automatic matching the best charging current, charging faster, more efficient, charging protection equipment zero injury.

Perfect compatibility, fully compatible with all kinds of equipment, the standard Android/Apple interface and the USB connector, whether mobile phones, tablets, cameras,etc, can be fully applicable.

AC plug in the top right corner of the storage position to take out, And pull you to the right length(It can be up to 2M).When finished using the AC cable, You can roll up the cable in front of the direction.

Socket Cable length: 2M (Can roll it up)
Input: AC110-220V
Output: AC110-220V 3A (Ten thousand socket) DC5B-3A (USB socket).
Product size:109*109*36MM
Product Weight:204

*Do not use more than 600W AC electrical outlet in the product, such as electric fans, microwave ovens, water heating rod.
Use for kinds of mobile phones, Digital products, low power 600W small appliances.

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