TOTU Jane Series-Stars for iPhone 6 Plus

Product Description

- Classic minimalist appearance, electroplating brightening colors, exquisite little star pattern, perfect embellishment shell body, if it appears that, like a starry sky as bright.
- Camera hole 2mm protective layer at the exclusive design, ultra-thin bottom line, it's still perfectly protect your phone, allowing you to use more peace of mind.
- Coating process using 360 ° extreme bright surface appearance, texture and comfortable, and effective anti-scratch, anti-slip waterproof seal, fingerprint-proof, long-lasting protection to your phone.
- Selection of imported PC material, highly transparent, clean and transparent, so that the entire molding technology products with more quality shockproof and drop action, the use of more peace of mind.
- Both sides of the body shell plating bright, shiny shiny, matte surface UV treatment, with the back of the reserved apple marked holes, filling iPhone 6 true character.

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RM55.00 MYR