S!MON Thor Gundam for iPhone 6/6s 6/6s Plus 7/7 Plus 8/8 Plus

The Man of Steel + Ares soul, pioneering the medieval Gothic style, heavy metal rock, punk, pop art and modern perfect combination of protective shell for the first time applied to the phone, the fusion of the "Transformers" "Thor" "The Flash " "Iron Man"and many other classic style. Like all abstract art, we are in the figurative design formed on the imagination to seize the balance, complex components assemble a simple but not vulgar art. Number of innovative technologies for the first time the first exclusive, industrial design and manufacturing processes are done to the extreme, in terms of function, appearance or feel we do all aspects of the Almighty.

US aircraft grade aluminum choice 6061 Aluminum, the production of aircraft parts using computer numerical control CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, which ensure product quality, in addition to specially selected special stainless steel screws, so that the entire protective shell very hard, and very lightweight, more added special material (Aerospace Polymer), help maintain signal reception strength, practicality combined with perfect ornamental. Equipped with a carabiner increased sense of adventure and a sense of casual outdoor sports, played down the original rigid sense of intense cold metal, it appears to be more casual and daily life. When the hands can lift or do sports in the department on the belt, very practical.

+ Polymer RF back of the border, the signal strength is not weakened
+ Laser engraving LOGO
+ Unique combination of whole body connection structure
+ Modular framework may correspond to future upgrades
+ Reserved headset holes, sound holes, and charging port position, easily control various functions!
+ Stainless steel screw fasteners

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