Rock Sleeve Wallet Case

RM170.00 MYR



Rock Wallet Sleeve Case make in High quality synthetic PU leather and delicate craftsmanship of this laptop sleeve case give an elegant and stylish appearance. Internal soft microfiber lining absorbs shock and protects the laptop or the tablet from scratches and drops.

Rock Wallet Sleeve Case can also be served as a laptop stand to elevate your notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics and airflow.

it is of wallet case style for a quick and easy access, and keeps the inside laptop or tablet securely in place and ultra portable.

it is exquisitely fits your laptop or tablet and is thin, light and compact to carry in a backpack or on the go. It's waterproof and has a good venting quality for heat dissipation.

Compatible model:
Surface Pro 3/ Pro 4 (Size 12"), Macbook 11", Macbook 13", iPad Pro

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