ROCK Mulite Bluetooth Speaker

ROCK Mulite Bluetooth Speaker  is a portable speaker with Bluetooth receiver, TF Card. Aux in, Bluetooth hands-free call and night light function. You can store the songs in mobile phone or device with Bluetooth playback, and then transmit to this product for music playback via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Playback:
Long press "Play" Button 2 seconds for power ON to Bluetooth speaker.(Blue Status indicator is On,Please don't plug the audio cable or TF Card into the line-in jack when Blue tooth playback).
Turn on your phone or Bluetooth devices on the Bluetooth function,and search for devices in the Bluetooth menu. Select the "ROCK Mulite" to establish pairing and connection (if asked for a passkey. enter: 0000).
When the connection between the mobile and speaker is successful, the speaker is playing music, music will be stopped when incoming call is reaching and the speaker will play incoming call alert, you can short press "Play" Button to answer the call and ㈠/㈩ button to adjust desire volume for conversation.
Please keep forward the speaker within 1m distance during phone conversation, press "Play" Button to hang up the phone, the speaker is automatically restored before music playback.

Micro USB for power supply and charging the built in rechargeable lithium battery synchronously, the red power indicator is on, after the full charge, the red indicator is off,and the green indicator is on.(Disconnect the adapter, all the power charging indicators are off).
When connect the speaker and computer via Micro USB cable, Please insert USB cable first after power on, and then turn on the players in your computer to play songs from your computer.
You also can play songs directly from TF card, and the data computer can be mutual copied.
*The Bluetooth speaker is with Night light function, Please short press "Light" Button for Light ON/OFF.
Charging Time : approx 3-4 hours.
Continue playing music about 6-8 hours and Night light about 10 hours when built-in lithium battery is full charged.

The product should be kept away from fire, high temperature environment to avoid the product does not work normally and explosion.
The power supply output 5V and current 1A or more, If stop using for long time, Please make sure it is full charged.

Main Features and Technical Parameters:
Bluetooth audio player, TF card audio player(max 16G, TF card is compatible music format: MP3,WMA,WAV) and Hands-Free Function.
Ф3.5mm audio input interface.
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz±3d8
Audio Max power: 5W*1
Max power consumption: 1W
Power supplied built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
Connect external USB DC 5V power source to charge the unit.
LED indicator for Bluetooth/Aux in/TF card and power on charging.
Weight: 640g
Dimension: 190x107x95mm 

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