ROCK Flexible Long Arm Mobile Phone Holder II

Product Description
Adopting high-quality magnesium tube, it is flexible and durable. It can be 360° rotated, which is convenient for video.
The anti-skid pads on two sides are sturdy,firm and prevents thing from damage.The cable clip keeps your cable neatly.
With screw locking design on the base, it is easy to clip and can clip tightly.
When adjust the base, Please use your finger to pull the upper clip.

Product Specification
Length: 700MM.
Holder opening width: 55~85mm.
Base opening width: 0~50mm.
Plastic material: Imported ABS + PMMA.
Tube material: Environment friendly PVC + magnesium.
Applied device: 3~6" mobile phones.
Colors: Gold and Pink

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RM58.00 MYR