ROCK Flexible Long Arm Mobile Phone Holder (detachable)

Product Description

It has various kinds of patents. With humanized design, it is accessible to operate. Adopting high-quality magnesium tube, it is flexible and durable. It can be 360° rotated, which is convenient for video entertainment. The detachable soft tube is convenient to carry and store. With screw locking design on the base, it is easy to clip and can clip tightly. 

Product Specification
Length: 700mm
Holder opening width: 60~90mm
Base opening width: 0~80mm
Plastic material: Imported ABS + PMMA
Tube material: Environment friendly PVC + magnesium
Craft: Highlight, CNC process + plate electrode + sandblast 
Colors: White Grey / White Gold 

Availability: In stock

RM57.00 MYR