REMAX Functional Bidirectional Conversion Headphone

Top cutting process metal cavity molding precision lathe knife, 32 grinding process, anodized metal with a breathable mesh. Unique multi-functional three built control design, as well as all the compatible portion Android IOS system remote control function, to bring you the ultimate smooth handling experience, switch songs, adjust the volume, easy quick to answer the call. Ergonomic ear design, with medical grade silicone ear cap ear fit, wear very comfortable. Using international advanced bio-polyester (PET) 8μ diaphragm technology, responsive, high-performance NdFeB unit, easy to drive low impedance, with outstanding high-resolution detail, highly reduced sound quality. High, medium and low three-band equalizer, outstanding performance, high-frequency permeability bright, IF loose sweet voice full of emotion, calm and deep low frequency and lower potential heavy, rich layers, tri-band connection to nature, to give you amazing sound authentic enjoy. Plug gold plating process, effectively prevent surface oxidation rust, anti-aging, improve the stability of signal transmission, reducing signal distortion and ensure high-quality sound transmission.

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