R-JUST Batman Series for Samsung

RM150.00 MYR



Imported top aerospace aluminum build, to ensure that products, never corrode metal products dropped signals impact on the bottom line. 
Anodized surface blasting R-Just to overcome the problem of metal oxide color, using the world's leading technology-specific secondary oxidation products always maintain the bright color. 
CNC machine tools imported from Germany, Seiko secret agents, to spare 132 processes, excellent cutting and tapping, to ensure that each site is the ultimate perfection.

Samsung S6 (None)
Samsung S6 Edge (logo)
Samsung S7 (None)
Samsung S7 Edge (Logo)
Samsung S8 (Logo/None)
Samsung S8 Plus (Logo/None)
Samusng S9 (None)
Samusng S9 Plus (None)
Samsung S10 (Logo)
Samsung S10 Plus (Logo)
Samsung S10 Lite (Logo)
Samsung Note 5 (Logo)
Samusng Note 7 (Logo)
Samsung Note 8 (None)
Samsung Note 9 (None)

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