Peach Series Waterproof Bag

RM18.00 MYR



The air circle padding around the pouch makes your cellphone float to avoid dropping your valuables in the water.Protect your cellphone, credit cards, and documents from water, snow and dust. Perfect for swimming, fishing, rowing, skiing or other activities.
Premium TPU material work with all the HOME buttons, including iPhone 8/ 8 plus but NOT for touch ID fingerprint. With transparent window, you can use the volume buttons to take clear pictures or videos underwater.
Lightweight waterproof case with lanyard ensures comfortable wearing. You may hang it around your neck while surfing, boating, fishing and more. Compatible with devices up to 6 inches mobile phone.
Material :PVC
Dimension : 21.5*11.5cm
Lanyard length : 43cm

NOTE: Please put something into the waterproof case and conduct a test to check whether it is floatable or not. If not, then you need to remove the thing and retest and make sure this waterproof bag is tightly sealed before underwater use.

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