Oullin Ringcase Luminous for Universal

Product Description

DELIVERED IN  1-3 business days (4 days for East Malaysia)

The RINGCASE is made out of non-toxic high-grade silicone that has high elasticity. Due to its physical properties, temperature, humidity, and continued usage can use cause it to change its shape form its original state. Please note that this is not defect.

A crack or nick may cause the RINGCASE to rip so please avoid damaging the surface with sharp objects such as with a knife or key.

Although the RINGCASE is made out of non-toxic silicone material, please avoid putting it into the mouth. There is a high chance of suffocation if swallowed by a small child.

How to use
-Locate a bump on the inner side of the RINGCASE, and fit it into the lighting connector of your iPhone. Stretch the ring to fit around the bottom part of the iPhone.
-The two holes on the RINGCASE should align with the mic and speaker. Once they are aligned, fit the ring around the remaining sides of the iPhone.
-Aligning the 4 guides along the inside the of the RINGCASE with the 4 lines along the side of the iPhone will help you set the RINGCASE more easily.

RM25.00 MYR