Nillkin Natural Series for iPhone 6/6s 6Plus/6sPlus

Product Description

Bamboo is a symbol of the spirit and strength, very high density bamboo fibers, natural with dust, loss prevention and anti-fingerprint properties, durability, hardness with high-strength PC, for dual hard material combination, create a strong copper iron wall like a solid defense. Under the modern advanced technology of running, the original fortitude body glow My Darling Clementine side. Polished and polished surface the deep processing of bamboo, silky feel fine, within the PC case through rubber injection processing technology, like the bare-metal-like grip naturally smooth paste. Pu Shen bamboo color and unique texture changing, each of which is out of print imaginative masterpiece of nature, embedded in the outline tough housing, build strong texture vigorous, strong and concise lines hardcore style.

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