Luphie Metal Frame Tempered Glass (stand) for Samsung Note 5

Product Description

Tempered backplate + quality aerospace aluminum frame.  Even sharp knife, tempered glass can also intact. Slightly higher than the lens 1 mm, complete protect the lens from damage. 9H tempered material resistant to high temperatures, does not change color does not fade. Hard tempered backplate and sturdy metal frame for your phone to bring the whole package intimate protection, the front of the fuselage above 0.2mm, protect the screen is not touch scratches. Borders for high-quality aviation aluminum plate CNC machine integrally molded with superior heat resistance and resistance to stress and deformation. Cover with glass back, has excellent electrical insulation did not affect the signal. Arc cutting process using lead angle, corner sleek smooth feel comfortable. 

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(delivered in 7-15 working days, excluding public holiday) 

RM130.00 MYR