LOVE MEI® Powerful Small Waist for HTC One M8 (upgrade version)

Product Description

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The original purpose of design this product was to protect our cellphones. However, a brave design significantly improved our product. There is an acuminate sapphire decoration added to the headphone hole. Its sapphire-like cutting effect could bring you the unique decoration. The ordinary glass only offers Grade 6.5 Moh's hardness while our sapphire provides Grade 9.5 Moh's hardness. It's not easy to smash automobile glass with metal. However, it's easy to use our sapphire design to smash automobile glass. In the emergent occasions, it could effectively help you and others to get out of dangerous environment by smashing automobile glass with this sapphire design. It could serve as a safety hammer. We are confident that all users of it would be surprised by this creative design.

Full white
RM140.00 MYR