Iron Man Armor for iPhone 5/5s/6

Iron Man 3 has hit the cinemas, so what better way to celebrate than to encase your iPhone 5 in a replica of Tony Stark's Mark VII suit, complete with glowing LED chestplate. This offiicial Marvel-licensed iPhone 5 Iron Man Mark VII case is one of the coolest cases we've seen, and it is also one of the chunkiest, (since it is styled on the front section of the Iron Man armour). Built by 86Hero, the case, which covers the rear and sides, has a metallic paint finish and the left-hand corner flips open to expose the phone's lens and allows you to take pictures with the camera. Because it's reasonably chunky, you'll probably need a big pocket to keep your phone in. 

Made of ABS and PVC.

Case with light-up system.
The right shoulder armor opens to facilitate taking photos and videos.
Approx 135 x 70 x 12.5mm
Detailed sculpture ABS hard case with metallic colored paint application
Income call alert LED-lighted arc reactor (white light, battery operated)

PREORDER IN 7-14 business days. Excluding Public Holiday.


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