Double Colour Blade Bumper for iPhone 6/6s 6/6s Plus

Material: Aluminum 

1. The same case with iPhone 6 6Plus production process, to obtain the same feel and visual effects iPhone 6 6Plus.
2. Exquisite slim CNC machining technology, weight and feel are to achieve the ultimate in case you do not feel fitted protective shell to protect your mobile phone.
3. Little more is cumbersome, curbing the missing golden ratio degree of protection, having regard to your ultimate protection and portability. The slim design process to achieve iPhone 6 6Plus standard peripherals, no contact or override the provisions of part design manual to ensure that the signal flow is good.
5. The bottom heightening design, without affecting the comfort of the user answer the phone at the ear can also be well protected mobile phone does not generate contact and friction caused by scratching in the flat on the desktop.

Availability: Preorder
(delivered in 7-15 working days, excluding public holiday)


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