D-park Hippocampus 3G Wallet Case

RM169.00 MYR



Slim leather slim and lightweight phone sets only 0.1 mm, fashion light.Loader same slim body thick, comfortable fit hand, no significant bulky. 100% soft style imported leather imports cowhide, to thin not light.The more you use the more smooth, more you use the more personal taste. Pre practical card holder can put a card pocket, portable card door truck travel. Practical card pockets, easy to carry.
No modification of the bottom surface, natural and rough mad outer appearance, we only use genuine leather making, not artificial compound. Dual admission, open can accommodate two mobile phones, one side can put the phone side of the store as a cash function like a purse, simple and practical, commercial tourism correct. Practical slot, slot delicate clean design, can be placed three/four cards, carefully conceived, bank cards, credit cards, vip cards carry.

4.7 inch: iPhone 5/5S/5C 6/6S/7 Samsung S4 (wearing case suggested on 5.5 inch)
5.5 inch: Samsung S5 / S6/S7 / S6/S7 Edge / S8 / iPhone 6/6s Plus / iPhone 7 Plus / Galaxy Note 4 / Note 5 

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