Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler for iPhone 5/5s/6

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Batmobile tumbler is to Sumahokesu! Equipped with the bat signal!

Movie "Batman Begins" (published in 2005), "The Dark Knight" Batman bat that appeared in (2008 published) to boarding Mobil,
The motif of the "Batmobile tumbler", and commercialized as for iPhone case!

While elaborate reproduction of the machine in the play, so that it can operate smoothly during camera startup and side button operation,
to ensure the iPhone original operability, also, it is equipped with a variety of gimmick.
Equipped with LED of 4 lights in the smartphone case body to the case body, further use to two-lamp light-emitting an incoming call when the iPhone of flash light,
It will reproduce the "Batmobile tumbler" in a total of six lights. In addition, when you press the button of the case body, the bat signal lights from the jet engine injection port.

Bat signal will emerge when illuminate the wall in the dark.

[Age] 15 years old or more

[Product size] Width of about 142mm, depth of about 82mm, a height of about 38mm
※ Both are figures in the development, and the actual product might be slightly different. Please note.

[Compatible models]
iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 6

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