Crazy Case Batmobile for iPhone 6/6s 6plus/6s plus

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The smartphone case series that is based on the concept of "carry a playful" "CRAZY CASE (crazy case)". Batman's car "Batmobile" lineup that appeared in masterpiece "Batman" prodigies Tim Burton.
Popularity of the beautiful form from Batman fan, is represented by black color of the actual vehicle just like elaborate reproduced from streamlined body to detail of the wheel. Light emitting gimmick also equipped, has achieved a completely new type of smartphone case.

"Modeling as a Batmobile" and realize the modeling in pursuit of "have ease of as smart phone cases". While reproducing the machine in the play finely, to ensure the iPhone original operability. In addition, Batman also buckle to the image of the supplied. In Batman buckle, it has been designed to protect the home button.

Three lamps mounted on the rear body, and reproduces the Batmobile. Bat signal is also equipped, at the switch, Batman logo lights. Bat signal will emerge when illuminate the wall in the dark. At the time the incoming I have also carried gimmick that emits light headlight with the iPhone flashlight.

[Age] more than 15 years old

[Product Size] 170 × 98 × 38 mm

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