Coresuit LANYARD for iPhone 6/6s 6/6s Plus

CORESUIT LANYARD ─ Spirited armor for expressing who you are

CoreLanyard is your go-to armor if you ever want to showcase yourself. This head-turning piece of armorwear accentuates the confidence that exudes from your body. With it around your neck, the power of domination is bestowed upon you, as if it’s gently muttering: "Let the envy begin!"

·Wear your beloved iPhone on your chest so you will never miss an important message ever again. Always within reach, taking snap shots is a breeze. Never miss an Instagram moment!
·Convenient snap-on design offers more than reliable user experience, but allows you to detach your phone from the neckband anytime, anywhere.
·Trendy craftsmanship endures the test of time. Once you savor its charm, it’s hard to put it down!

User's instruction:
This CORESUIT product is pre-installed and ready for use out of the box.

This product is NOT intended for impact or drop-resistant purposes.
This product is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Please beware that its sharper edges may cut or scratch you when pressure is applied during use.
Please make sure this product is firmly-installed before use.
When hanging this product around your neck, please avoid any improper use which may cause danger.
This is NOT a toy.  Keep out of reach of children.

Inside the box:
2 custom-screws

Available: In stock (iPhone6 - white, iPhone6Plus - black)
Preorder: (iPhone6 - black, iPhone6Plus - white)


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