Bone Collection Sulley Micro-USB Cap Set

Cute design adds personal style to your phone.
Sulley Jack plus compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices.
Jack Plus & Lightning Cap protect the socket from dust and extend the lifetime of devices.
Retard the oxidation in the socket and avoid the poor contact.
Made by 100% Eco-friendly silicone, the charm embodies the green design motto and prevents scratches on devices.
Micro-USB compatible cap. Recommended devices: Samsung (Galaxy series)/ Sony (non-water resistance)/ Nokia (Lumia series) etc.

*The charm may not support models not listed due to their design limitation.

Package Contents
Sulley Ear Cap x1 / Micro-USB Cap x1 
Sullry Ear Cap Size: W17 x H30 x D16 mm (3 g)
Micro-USB Cap Size: W13 x H17 x D13 mm (1 g)
Material: Silicone 100%

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