Baseus Privacy Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone X

Anti-peep privacy tempered glass screen protector is made of imported chemical processed real glass,  9H hardness. Super clear, features excellent window display, high sensitivity and fine touch feeling. Anti-peep design, people can not peep the screen content from 2 sides when their visual angle is below 45 degrees. Secure anti-explosion function, will not be broken into small pieces of sharp. It protects your phone screen from scratch and abrasion while maintaining super high definition visuals. 2.5D curved edge processing technology, smooth and safe to touch. Easy to apply, bubble free.

1. Before stick the film, use alcohol cloth and microfiber cloth to clean the phone screen.
2. Tempered Glass box includes an Alcohol Pad, Then, wipe out the excess alcohol from your screen using the microfiber cloth.
3. Use this pad to clean your phone screen. Make sure you clean it well and all the dusts have been removed.
4. Peel the protective layer off. Then gently place over the adhesive side on top of your smartphone’s screen.
5. Make sure that you align the glass to your smartphone’s screen , Watch out for the cut-outs, make sure they are aligned with your smartphone’s buttons, mouthpiece, earpiece.
6. Gently press the middle of the film, then the tempered glass screen protector will be automatically posted the whole screen.
7.If you notice any bubbles under your tempered glass screen protector, use your microfiber cloth and wipe the glass starting off from the center.

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