Baseus Insnap Series Magnetic Cable For Micro USB

RM99.00 MYR



Magnetic attraction design, powerful magnetic force not falling, does not harm the body. High purity copper wire, 4 wire, 82 pure copper core, the transmission speed can be increased by 20%, while high-speed through 2.4A current, charge faster and more stable. Built-in data line imported from Germany, powerful magnets, easy to fall off easily, to call no magnetic interference. Textured aluminum alloy design, heat dissipation, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, light weight, and the Apple phone can be integration, texture, more upscale. High quality line of high-density nylon material body, both environmentally friendly wear characteristics. 24k gold plated contacts, oxidation does not rust, reduce contact plug resistance. Anti-dust and water-resistance interface, internal high-density structural strength. Built-in intelligent control chip, fully automatic power, effectively extending the battery life. When connecting freely adsorption, regardless of positive and negative.

One line dual purpose, just a magnetic wire, magnetic adsorption micro USB interfaces interfaces also can be adsorbed apple lightning interface.

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