Baseus Fusion-Pro Series for iPhone 6

Product Description

- Infinitely close to the thickness of the apple, let your love machine to be protected.
- Soft TPU + metal frame fit perfectly seamless, combined firmness and flexibility, fashion sense and TPU soft protective metal elements perfect collection of fashion family must-have.
- Featured green soft TPU material as the back shell, giving leather texture, super-heat, non-toxic, odorless, flexible, feel good.
- Buy one get one free, they can always change their phone back shell, so that they have more choices, multicolor back shell bring you more life.
- Phone shell above the phone, can be the perfect protection for your photography lens, do not worry about photography lens chipped or scratched.
- Switches, voice key, hole camera, headphone jack and other operations to ensure accessibility precise fit, feel good.

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Rose gold
RM99.00 MYR