Armor King Clamshell for iPhone

RM170.00 MYR



- Retro clamshell design, the phone screen is not only more effective protection, while the weapon to show individuality.
- Stainless steel shell + stainless steel mounting frame + PA66 nylon protective frame + stainless steel fork X back design.
- Simple plug-in design, eliminating screw mounting troubles, then do not lose the screws into a quandary.
- Back with a stylish 'X' design elements, except for the front cover with shine while yet elegant, the more solid the overall protective sheath.
- Front cover is made of pure 304 stainless steel casting, wear and drop, metallic full.
- 22 metal screws reinforcement and drop shock, never loose, fitted with steel frame immediately changed man.
- All holes accurate to 0.01 mm, did not affect the functionality of the original machine. Real-time feedback to increase nylon buttons feel far better than the original edge.
- Hinged clamshell design, to avoid the influence of the metal to form a closed signal. At the same time convenient for you to watch movies and entertainment and business office brings.

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