Anti-Blue Ray Tempered Glass 0.26mm 2.5D Screen Protector for iPhone 5/5s/5c

Product Description
Blue light is the most energetic closest ultraviolet visible light ,It can deepen myopia caused macular degeneration or even blindness, Anti Blue Light screen protector can filter blue light to protect your eyes.
The transmittance of Anti Blue Ray protective film, pictures and videos can be clearly viewed on the phone screen.

This product adopt the technology of 2.5D,it can provide full protection for your cellphone.

Excessive blue light exposure found in LED screens may lead to imbalanced melatonin found in sleep disorders and eye strain and fatigue

The film is made of 9 hardness premium tempered glass,in our daily life,like keys and knives,they can only reach 5 hardness,so the tempered glass can prevent your smartphone from scratch, which can protect your screen.

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