KN95 Folding Respirator Face Mask

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KN95 Folding Respirator PM2.5

Optimal Respiratory Protection Mask: The face mask helps you cover your mouth, nose, and chin. Effective filtering up to 95% and helps protect others from bacteria, dust, soot, ashes, aeolian sand, smog, peculiar smell or other airborne contaminants. It provides optimal protection from outside hazards.
Comfortable and Easy Breathing: 3D stereo shape, The nasal space is reasonably reserved to fit the contours of the face and the breathing space is smoother.

Brand: Jinjiang 锦江
Main ingredients: Meltblown cloth and non-woven cloth 5 layers
Single size: 21 x 15.5 cm
Package: 10pcs/bag
Storage conditions: normal temperature and ventilated environment

Brand: HUI YOU 惠友 6 layers
Main ingredients: Meltblown cloth, non-woven cloth and activated carbon layer 
Package: 1pcs/bag
Storage conditions: normal temperature and ventilated environment

This mask is China's KN95 level (equivalent to the US standard N95), produced by regular manufacturers, and the measured non-oily particulate matter filtration has reached more than 95%. The standard is GB2626-2006, which is a civilian protective article and a non-medical device. The KN95 mask can be used for 24-48 hours. According to the personal use environment, it is recommended to replace it once every 3 days, and the longest replacement period should not exceed 6 days.

Do not use for the elderly, children, patients with respiratory diseases and frail people.
Respiratory impedance increased significantly, masks were broken or damaged, masks were contaminated, and came in contact with patients, masks should be replaced in a timely manner.

Product is ordered from China. Shipment might be taken in 12-17 days.

Prices will be adjusted based on current cost increases or decreases.

If needed urgently, please do not place an order.

*Due to Covid-19, the demand for masks is getting higher and higher, resulting in a large number of suppliers out of stock, and the price of goods has increased a lot. Mask prices are based on the cost of purchase from China manufacturers, non-profiteering price.

Wash your hands constantly, stay at home, wear masks when need & always keep hygiene.