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Genuine Leather Cord Clip Holder

All leather processing to finished products after the scientific name called "vegetable tanned leather“ first layer of leather is the best kind. Paint was sprayed on the skin once a slurry to cover the original skin texture and imperfections. Full grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather to show the most primitive state of the people, by all have made of leather can not be copied. Vegetable tanned leather is good or bad has nothing to do with the origin, the key is to look at the degree of densification of leather, leather texture and delicate pores degree. Experience, vegetable tanned leather Japan yellow, vegetable tanned leather Europe partial white, the product used in vegetable tanned leather partial white. Vegetable tanned leather leather is not dirt, because dirt, grease and other environmental conditions and the use of dirty, then vegetable tanned leather by "cattle" who favored a reason for working with this. With use, the leather shiny, darker, started with stained scratches and dust is no longer an eyesore, but blend with the dark leather. Become exclusive own leather goods, have your taste, you have your story.

Vegetable tanned leather will change colors
Make new skin leather lighter in color, after several months of use darken.

Crazy Horse leather, not a pony, but a leather craft referred to, is a yellow leather embryos as raw material, through a series of complex tanning process made a leather, also known as mad or leather oil skin, is a high-grade leather, very popular in European markets. Leather non Artificial Leather, inevitably there will be growth pattern surface, small markings or holes and other defects. Crazy horse leather wild, uninhibited, prone to scratches. 

Crazy horse leather in use for some time, its matte surface effect will gradually showing a oily sheen effect, retro temperament harder, the more you use the more beautiful. 

NOTE: The dermis is not touch water
Do not touching together with crazy horse leather goods and vegetable tanned leather goods, otherwise, crazy horse leather grease will spread to the vegetable-tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather goods so it will leave oil stains.

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