Baseus Vdream VR Virtual 3D Headwear Glasses

3D Virtual stereo vision - An extraordinary entertainment experience. Snug with the contours of your eyes, reduces stress, complete blackout effect, hands free, immerse into the world of 3D imagery within seconds. Using optical resin materials, scratch resistant, high quality laser cutting technology. Large diameter for transmittance to prevent harm to your eyes, no discoloring or distortion, effectively blocks blue rays, protection against eye strain, knowledgeable about safety. 95 ° viewing angle, and be fully immersive, 360 ° panorama function display, holographic three-dimensional large field of view. Multi-directional heat dissipation and reduce heat generation mobile phones. High elasticity cortex, reduce weight, softness does not absorb sweat and keep clean and hygienic. 

Roller pump design, about adjusting the IPD, slide to adjust the focus, adjust clearer picture.
Reminder: This VR can wear glasses to use, below 600 degrees of myopia can be used directly by adjusting the IPD and focus.

Adapter 4-inch -6 inch phone, the phone can not exceed the dimensions length 160mm, width 80mm.

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(delivered in 7-15 working days, excluding public holiday.)

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